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Almonds with dates - 350g

Cashew with dates - 350g

Seedless dates - 350g


Sufri Dates

The Sufri date is from amongst the various types of dates from Saudi Arabia. It is soft, dry, golden brown and chewy. ...

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Khudri Dates

Khudri is highly demanded by customers due to its taste and freshness. Khudri Date is fusing in chocolates industry by combining dates with gourmet chocolate, then by fusing dates with other delicacies, superb pastries and a vast selection of gourmet...

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Sukkari Dates

Sukkari Dates are crispy, very sweet dates and are highly demanded by customers due to its taste and freshness. Scientific studies have shown that Sukkari Dates benefits are anthelmintic, high in nutritional value, high in iron content and fluorine, ...

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Sugai Dates

Sagai dates are the only variety of the dates where the color is not consistent their color can range between medium brown to very light brown at the tip. Like Kas date Sagai also has wrinkles but no flake. Mild in sweetness and not dry it intriguing...

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Safawi Dates

Safawi aka Kalmi or Kalima dates are used all around the world they are known for there sweet honey like taste they are grown in Madina,Safawi dates are also in demand all over the world because of its great and different taste our company guarantees...

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Mabroom Dates

A medium date with a slender, long body. The Mabroom has dark brown, semi-translucent skin embellished with malleable wrinkles. It has a chewy brown flesh that is not so sweet. Its texture is a combination of soft and firm with a slight bite from its...

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Medjool Dates

Medjools are often informally known as the “king of dates”, the “diamond of dates”, or the “crown jewel of dates” Most people describe medjool dates as having a rich, almost caramel-like taste, and mentions of hone...

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Ajwa Dates

Dates are considered as a natural resource for nutrition, it provides the body with high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins e.g. Vitamin A, B1, B2 and BB which are constructive ingredients for building up the body tissues and muscles. Its ...

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